I have worked with Chantal on several important hires. She took the time to understand our practice and to also pressure test whether she should trust us and why. It is critically important to us that we attract, retain and promote underrepresented lawyers at our law firm and in our Tech Group (emerging growth companies practice / IP practice). Chantal actually attended our @venturecrush events to also get an understanding of how we present ourselves to clients and the community when we do NOT think that recruiters and candidates are watching. She did off book references and she was able to very accurately convey who we are to candidates, which has resulted in a much more finely honed filter BEFORE the candidates come to us. We have hired two of her candidates and are eager to hire a third (in process). The candidates she sent us also referenced extremely well. Chantal also gave us great guidance on what was important and where we could more crisply convey why our team would be a compelling home for her candidates (without overselling). She is extremely insightful and has a deft touch. I can’t wait to see more of her candidates and I deeply value the relationship and that she has invested in getting to know and understand us.

Ed Zimmerman Client Lowenstein Sandler LLP